Day 0 – Rejection Therapy



I am on a journey to be a great entrepreneur, impacting millions of people’s lives with my products and services. As the great Zig Ziglar said – “you can get anything you want as long as you help enough people get what they want.”

“Success is uphill all the time”, as John Maxwell says. And the journey to being a great entrepreneur is no exception. For one, I haven’t quit the rat race entirely as I am still holding a regular job. But in perspective, juggling the role of an employee and an entrepreneur is really not that much of an issue for me. The real issue is – I am still sweating in my pants trying to face the dreaded R word – Rejection.

Who wants to feel rejected? Humans by nature have a longing to connect, to feel like they belong. And I am characteristically a Homo Sapiens on this one – I dread the word “No”. I hate the feeling that someone does not want to buy my product or do business with me.

This is an old cliche – you have to get to the No’s before you get into the Yes’es. Of course not all people would be your customers. As Bo Sanchez says, “you need to serve your niche market.” It doesn’t matter if 1,000 people does not find value in what you are offering. As long as you serve the needs of 100 people, you are all good.

Good thing when I was strategizing in my mind how to kick start my business, I was able to read Jia Jiang’s journey – The 100 Days Rejection Therapy. And I intend to do a spin-off! I am looking way past 100 days. As they say, in order to be a master at something you need to spend 5 years on it.

In Jia’s words – “The idea is to seek one rejection on purpose everyday for 30 days, and thus desensitize oneself from the pain. Now that’s a fun idea! Not only I want to do it, but I will vlog it, and do it for 100 days. … My goal is that 100 days from now, I will be a fearless badass who couldn’t care less about rejection and judgment.” I want to be that same badass myself!

Tomorrow, is Day 1!


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