Day 1 – Rejection Therapy


In one of his podcasts – Adrian Swinscoe interviewed best-selling author Seth Godin. Here are a few quotable quotes from Seth on that interview

  • The reason why people do not blog is that they are afraid
  • Writer’s block is a belief that says when the stakes are high, we need to back off. Backing off is the worst thing that we can do.
  • Failing is cheap, failing is not fatal.

  • Art involves touching someone else. In a way that hasn’t occurred before.

I did took a courageous step (per the 1st bullet) starting this blog series. I totally agree that people are afraid – afraid of what other people might think. Well, if talk show hosts, athletes and celebrities can speak their minds then I am most entitled to voice out my opinion as well!

Day 1 into my Rejection Therapy and I came into a realization that “No” is really not a bad word at all. Just because your friends say no in buying your product or shunned you off as a business partner doesn’t mean that they are saying no to you per se. I remember the adage – “Failure is not a person, but an event.” I think we can also say that the word “No” is not intended for the person. No is not an attack to your character as a human being.

I spoke to two of my friends from the banking industry today, and you guessed it – they said no to my proposal to enter into a business partnership with them. Before I dread this outcome in a conversation, but now I can say that I welcome it. What makes living in this world interesting is that we are of different viewpoints and career paths. Now if you can imagine, people having the same viewpoint as you – that for sure is a Boring world to live in!

Going back to my separate conversation with these 2 friends – I was actually happy with them telling me that they are happy with their careers and are not looking to diversify their talents at this point. They rejected my proposal, but they did not reject my friendship. In fact we even planned to meet up one of these days to talk about our careers and our respective family lives.

I also have a couple of instances today wherein my calls were not answered or returned. And another instance where a colleague rescheduled our appointment for the nth time. But those, are separate topics for a couple of blog entries in the future.

Tomorrow I would be writing about my experience today in Social Security, when I went there to help out fixing my dad’s pension. Was I successful there in getting a “No”? And wow! I sure did cranked it up in Day 1 of my Rejection Therapy!!

Watch for that in my next post.


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