My Social Security experience

People are inherently good…


Day 1 of my Rejection Therapy brought me to the Social Security office. I was helping out my moms and my pops do some paper work for my dad’s pension.

After a couple of minutes of misunderstanding between my mom and a Social Security employee (who we’ll call employee #1) in analyzing my dad’s payment history – we were able to get to the root cause of the problem. Employee #1 asked a subject matter expert – employee #2 on how to best resolve the issue. Employee #2 was very gracious in explaining to us the resolution. Employee #2 also explained to me very well the step by step process in carrying out the paper work needed to expedite my dad’s pension.

As my mother still has to do some paper work, I was faced with an idle time of a couple of more minutes, with nothing to do inside the Social Security office. As I am still faced with doing dad’s paper work when I get back home – I got a eureka moment. What if I can use one of the computers here to work on the paper work while waiting for my mom to finish?

I then asked Employee #2 if I can use one of their computers – and you guessed it, she said yes go ahead. For a few seconds in there I saw in her eye the weirdness of my request. (I think this is the first time that their office got one.) But then again, no harm no foul. She might have seen that allowing me to do so makes me finish the paper work faster, which would in turn expedite the release of my dad’s pension. Instead of sitting idly, there I was working amongst government employees for a couple of minutes.

Here are my take-aways from this experience:

  • Even if your request sounds weird or unusual – no harm in asking
  • People are inherently good, always looking out for the best thing that she can do for others. 
  • Having a mentor or a subject matter expert is critical as we go on our daily lives



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