Rejection 1 – Wife says no


The word “No” is indeed overrated… Day 2 in my Rejection Therapy I therefore conclude – hearing it is not that bad at all. It didn’t took me so long – I am now that badass I am describing about in my first post. But then again, character just like skill, is something that is built and strengthened through time. So I am carrying on…

It was way past midnight, my wife and I are still up, brainstorming (that’s how I call our chitchats). And this time, I was really looking forward to getting myself rejected. So I asked her this question – would you like to go on a retreat next week, during Holy Week?

Wife: Aren’t we staying overnight in a hotel?
Me: We are staying there Saturday and Sunday. Bo’s retreat is happening Thursday and Friday.
Wife: Nope, I don’t want to.
-End of conversation-
Finally, I got a no. Yey!

In every relationship, may it be in business or family – you really do not agree with one another 100% of the time. And that’s a fact. I used to resent it when my wife does not agree with me. But in reality, I don’t lose a pound of my masculinity when she does not agree with me. After a decade of marriage, and I know for a fact that I married a unique and wonderful person. It does not mean that when she married me, she became a carbon copy of myself. My ultra beautiful wife still retained her own individuality. And that is something that I have to. They have a twitter hashtag for that, #respect.

My wife’s organization got invited to a Lion’s Club gathering later that evening. In this event, my thesis about people not being a snub has been put to the test. Take note, we are guests in this event. Neither my wife, nor I know someone. Interesting thing was we went in there as strangers, but at the end of the evening we broke bread with friends. We had a great conversation with a couple in their 60s. We exchanged numbers and made some plans to meet up for coffee soon.

And we got our stomachs full –  9-course Chinese lauriat was so good!

PS – I know someone among you expects another story with the blog post title. Sorry to disappoint, hehe…


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