3-2, advantage – Rejections

2-3, Advantage - Rejections

Learning how to blog made me forgot how to count 🙂

Here’s a rundown of what I have so far
1. Asked a couple of friends to partner up – Rejected
2. Worked at Social Security – Yes
3. Go on a Holy Week retreat – Rejected
4. Made new friends in a Lions Club event – Yes
5. Traffic violation not to issue – Rejected
That’s 3-2, advantage – Rejections

So the traffic officer asked me to stop, asked for my license. Uttered it’s a one-way street, yadah yadah yadah… Asked for my license again. “Come on, officer it’s a Sunday. And I am really sorry that I missed out on that sign. To be honest, I didn’t know this is a one-way street.” The officer was firm – “Your license sir.” So I handed it over. Thought of a scene from this Jay-Z video. But then again, my version’s got more #swag.

I should have my rejections on video, but then again I would leave the video thing to Jia. I might as well paint you a montage of my experience with my words.

I was able to talk myself out of getting tickets (that’s plural) before, so I guess I can handle this one. So I negotiate… Looks like the officer got out of the wrong side of the bed – the guy sure is grumpy. And as I speak and continue to plead my case it looks like this is a lost cause – I am staring at a P2,000 violation. “Sir, I could have let you go… But your first reaction is that you would be speeding off, if not that the other officer I am with is not blocking your path.” Of course I denied it. But I sure thought about it (hehe). It went really heavy because when I sensed that he is about to start to write that ticket – I was about to grab my license out of his hand. Now that’s #swag.

By the way did I mentioned that I went out of the car? I sure am feisty that day. He has asked me a several times to get back inside the vehicle – but I ain’t budging. Sensing that I need some reinforcement, my wife stepped out of the car. And worked a charm on the guy.

So, instead of counterflow (P2,000) my violation was decreased to disobedience of traffic sign (P500). That’s 75% off for those good in math. And here’s a couple of my take-aways on the experience.

  • If you got on the wrong side of the bed – you tend to do stupid things. I did not went through my morning success ritual that day. Got that idea (and basically journaling/blogging) from my virtual mentor Jonathan Milligan. And it caused me P500 plus the time I spent in getting back my license.
  • Apologize. Right away. Without appearing to run away.
  • If you decide to just go for it. Back your car up.
  • It helps if you have a partner. In this case it is my wife. Hats off to her, her smile has more swag than mine. Or is it a gender thing? That is, males tend to be more favorable towards females, and vice versa.

That happened Sunday, and I went to claim my license on Wednesday. Before claiming my license. I passed by Resorts World again, this time hunting for the officer who issued me the ticket. My intention is to get a picture with him. (Filipinos are indeed “pictural”) Kidding aside, I would just like to confirm that he already surrendered my license. Does not make sense for me to go to the office to claim it if he has not done so yet.

He is not anymore stationed in the spot where he apprehended me. I asked another security guard – “radio the guy and see where he’s at”. But he didn’t show his face, he just confirmed via radio that indeed he has surrendered my license. Could have been sweeter if I ended my post of a picture with him. So I just leave you with a picture of myself and my partner.

Drive safe and watch out for the road signs! 🙂

2-3, Advantage - Rejections


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