Free Starbucks Upsize

“You’ve got to ask. Asking, is in my opinion, the world’s most powerful and neglected secret to success and happiness.” –Percy Ross


A couple of weeks leading to Mother’s Day Starbucks Philippines ran a promo – free upsize of the above drink (note to self, post regularly lest you forget). So as I did my usual meetings during the said days, I got myself a free upsize every time.

The free upsize though is only for this specific drink. Way after Mother’s Day I decided to give it a try – ask for a free upsize (even if it was way past Mother’s Day) plus asking for an upsize for a different drink.

So I went into the counter, chatted up with the barista, then placed my order. I said one of the above drink (drink 1), and another coffee drink variant (drink 2). I usually just order cappuccino, so the rest of their coffee variants, I am really not that familiar 🙂

Then using my charm offensive – ey (insert name of barista here) I know it is way past Mother’s Day but can I still get an upgrade for drink 1? He said sure, I will give you an upgrade for that one. So that’s one point for the affirmative… Then I pushed it further saying – how about for drink 2, can I have a free upgrade for that as well? All right Sir! We do not usually do this but you get a free upgrade for that one as well! And with that, 2 points for the affirmative.

I don’t usually visit that Starbucks branch so customer loyalty is out of the question. Plus on that night, that was my first coffee fix for the entire day. So me reeking out of Starbucks gourmet caffeine is out of the question.

Couldn’t agree more with Percy Ross on his quote above – “You just have to ask”. And you would be surprised how people respond. And with that simple gesture from that barista, guess which coffee shop I will step in if there is a Coffee Bean, Starbucks and Figaro within the vicinity?



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