Missing McDonald’s

pain of discipline

Success and failure come hand in hand together like a flip of a coin. It is up to you to make that single decision to choose to either be a success or a failure. Success is not by chance, it is by choice. Make your decision today. Because TODAY matters.

The preceding paragraph was a hybrid of sorts from two people I greatly look up to. Thai entrepreneur John Iamranond, and of course everyone knows John Maxwell and one of his best sellers – Today Matters. Human beings have the most potential in the whole animal kingdom. If you are still not aware, you actually have the capacity to shape your destiny.

Having a daily prayer time, reading devotionals certainly helps. Keeps you grounded spiritually, and sometimes you get some golden nuggets along the way. This one’s a golden one worth sharing… And if you still do not have your daily devotional, I would recommend this one from Bo SanchezKerygma Daily Readings.

It’s worth cutting and pasting here to save some internet traffic. But you can find this story here.

“Then the father went to the other son and said the same thing. He answered, ‘I will, sir,’ but he did not go.” – Matthew 21:30
Roger was a successful businessman. That’s probably why a neighbor approached him and asked if he wanted to be involved in a new hamburger chain he was starting. He offered Roger the fourth franchise. Roger’s dad, who was himself an astute businessman, said, “Take it!”

Roger thought about it but later on turned down the deal. He must have regretted that decision when that startup burger joint, named McDonalds, became the giant chain it is today. He was on the brink of so much wealth, but he missed it because of one decision: He ignored his father’s smart advice.

You may be on the edge of one monumental and life-changing blessing right now. You may be on the threshold of something big that God wants to give you. It may be an emotional treasure, a financial blessing, the answer to a longtime prayer, a special relationship, a new beginning, maybe a greater impact in your ministry, or a breakthrough in some impossible situation. But, like that man who missed his share of Ronald McDonald’s fortune, it may all come down to your making the right decision. Will you avoid sin and obey God, or ignore Him and have it your way? Jon Escoto 

Sometimes one single decision shapes our destiny. And it takes courage to act. Have you decided to decide not to act on something? As the saying in the Boston Celtics practice facility says – There are only two kinds of pain in life, the pain of discipline, and the pain of regret.


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