Get Rich Quick? Nah…


This is soooo sad, people getting duped in get rich quick schemes. You know what is sadder than this? They will fall for this again.

Gotta hustle people to earn that money. There is no substitute for hard work.

Do you remember the law of the farm? You only reap what you sow.


The Boring Investment Principle


Once upon a time, Bro Bo Sanchez met a 25-year-old woman who said she has P100,000 in her bank account. Bo told her to transfer the money into the stock market—and add P3,000 every month.

By the time she hits 60, he told her, after tapping into the calculator function on his trusty phone— “You’ll have a cool P22 million—if you grew by a conservative 12 percent a year.”*

Bo was all excited talking about her future retirement money, but she interrupted him and said, “Bo, what if I don’t add P3,000 a month?” “Huh?” Bo looked at her quizzically.

She continued, “I’m not sure I can. There are so many things I want to buy. So what if I just invest my P100,000 now—and not add anything to it anymore? I’m sure that will amount to something, right?”

Bo did his computation in his trusty phone and showed it to her. “Instead of P22 million, you’ll have P5.2 Million. Only.” Her face dropped. “Oh. Okay, I’ll add every month.”

Wise girl. I hope you’re wise too. Investing one time-big time is what you call the Buy & Hold strategy. It’s good but it’s not great. You need the regular monthly investing to make the growth humongous.

Happy investing!

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*But if she followed our TrulyRichClub’s Strategic Averaging Method, I’m betting she won’t just get 12 percent—she’ll get more. Even if she just improves her average growth to 14 percent a year, her money won’t be P22 million, it’ll become P38 million.

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